The Importance of Yearly Eye Exams, Lake Nona Eye Care

The big question, is it really that important to have an eye exam every year? Subtle changes in your vision often go unnoticed until you get contacts or glasses. Then you wonder how you were ever able to see without them. They can greatly make a difference in your quality of life. The right eyewear can make everyday activities, such as surfing the internet and reading a lot more comfortable!

Close-up brown eye the future cataract protection , scan.Many people don’t have an eye exam unless their vision is drastically affected. Or they reach that point (around 40 years old) where they are not able to focus on objects close up, presbyopia.

Early detection of any eye condition is key to preserving your vision. Which is why annual comprehensive eye exams are so important. Many eye diseases have little to no symptoms, you wouldn’t even know if you had it.

Comprehensive eye exams screens for vision and medical problems. It is also a baseline for future changes in your vision.

Glaucoma is one of those eye diseases that doesn’t have any early warning signs. Though you can not feel the increased pressure in the eye, it damages the optic nerve and can result in blindness.

Those with diabetes are at a higher risk of vision problems such as diabetic retinopathy (damage to the eye’s retina) and even blindness. Until the damage is severe there usually isn’t any symptoms. Annual eye exams lead to early detection, preventative treatment, and can save your vision.

Macular degeneration is usually a result of age, affects the central vision. Early detection can make all the difference. In just a year’s time changes in vision can be drastic.

When was the last time you when to the eye doctor for an exam?  If it’s been over a year or you’re having vision problems, contact Lake Nona Eye Care today for an appointment. It only takes about one hour out of your year, but it could change your life!

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