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Having a comprehensive eye exam is more than just evaluating for 20/20 vision. Problems with vision are not usually abrupt, meaning they are typically slow changes that often times go unnoticed. They usually don’t have any symptoms, which is why waiting until you notice a change in vision to go to the eye doctor can make problems worse.

Vision screenings don’t take the place of an eye exam. Though they can be helpful, vision screenings are limited in evaluating the eye.

A comprehensive eye exam takes special equipment to detect vision disorders, eye muscle imbalance, and eye diseases. Such as glaucoma, caused by an increased pressure in the eye, or diabetes, hypertension, and cataracts.

Today’s visual demands and environmental stresses on our vision are greater than ever.

More than just 20/20, a comprehensive eye exam evaluates vital visual skills

Visual Acuity

Clear vision at any distance, from reading a book, looking at the computer, to driving.

Eye Teaming

It is important your eyes work as a coordinated team, being able to move together, perceive distance and depth. Such as to read a line printed on a page,  judging how far away a stop sign is, and the depth of water.

Eye Focusing

Are you able to maintain clear and accurate vision when the distance quickly changes. Automatic eye focus is critical for everyday activity. Such as driving and looking at the speedometer, then back on the road. Or looking at your computer, looking at someone in the distance and then back to your computer.

Eye Tracking

Able to follow something with your eyes. Such as keeping your eyes on a ball when it is thrown.

Eye Hand Coordination

Processing visual information to hit a ball or drawing something on a piece of paper.

The fact is, catching a vision problem early plays a significant role in the treatment and even preventing vision loss. Including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Early detection with an eye exam is the best way to ensure healthy vision for years to come.

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