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Lake Nona Eye Exam, Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses

October is Eye Safety Month, a time to bring awareness to the important role vision plays in everyday life. Preserving your eyesight for a lifetime is as easy as taking a few proactive steps. "It's [...]

When Was Your Last Eye Exam? Lake Nona Eye Care

Eye exams are more important than you think, they are an important key to preventative health care. We need our eyes in every facet of our daily lives. It's important to develop a relationship with [...]

Lake Nona Eye Care, Vision Exams, Contact Lenses & Prescription Glasses

With thousands of contact lens wearers in the Lake Nona area, it is imperative to use proper contact lens hygiene, which means regular cleaning and following the recommended schedule for disposing them. The Orlando News [...]

Don’t Forget Your Annual Eye Exam, It’s More Important Than You Think!

Whether you need contact lenses or prescription glasses, an eye exam can detect much more than just vision problems. They can discover eye related health issues as well as diseases, before someone experiences any symptoms. [...]

Healthy Vision at Every Stage of Life, Eye Exams, Glasses, Contact Lenses

September is Healthy Aging Month, to bring awareness to vision health among older adults. Come celebrate by having a comprehensive eye exam at Lake Nona Eye Care. Today, there are over two million adults over [...]

Sports Related Eye Injury, Lake Nona Eye Care

Now that school is back in session, it’s time for sports to begin. It is important to remember how easily sight threatening injuries can occur. Whether your an adult or child, an ounce of protection [...]