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Orlando Eye Exams, Children’s Vision & Learning Problems, What to Look For

Pediatric eye exams are more than just a good idea, they are an essential part of seeing clearly and effective learning. The American Optometric Association estimates undetected vision problems affects one in every four school [...]

Lake Nona, Moss Park & Eagle Creek, Optometrist for an Eye Exam

Having a comprehensive eye exam is more than just evaluating for 20/20 vision. Problems with vision are not usually abrupt, meaning they are typically slow changes that often times go unnoticed. They usually don’t have [...]

Lake Nona Eye Doctor Optometrist, Moss Park/Eagle Creek, Vision Exams

February is National Low Vision and Age Related Macular Degeneration month. To help bring awareness of the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams. The most important step to preventing macular problems and vision loss is [...]

Why Is It More Difficult To See At Night? Lake Nona Eye Care Explains

The winter solstice means the days are shorter and more people are driving while it is dark outside. Though there are few vehicles driving on the road at night, according to the National Safety Council, [...]

Suffering With Dry Eyes? Visit Lake Nona Eye Care For Help

Dry eyes can be a big problem this time of year. Cold windy air affecting your eyes when your outside and warm dry air from vents in your home, work, and car aggravate dry eye [...]

Orlando Eye Exams, Prescription Glasses, Contact Lenses & Detecting Alzheimer’s

Doctors of optometry are doing more than just eye exams. It turns out, correcting vision is just part of what the doctors at Lake Nona Eye Care are doing. Last year alone, 320,000 cases of [...]