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Lake Nona Eye Care, Celebrates Contact Lens Health Week

Lake Nona Eye Care is proud to join with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Optometric Association to promote Contact Lens Health Week August 22-26, 2017. To bring awareness of the importance [...]

Signs & Symptoms of Children Vision Problems

To help raise awareness and educate parents, Lake Nona Eye Care celebrates Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, to highlight the importance of healthy vision for our children. A high percent of our children’s learning [...]

Eagle Creek Publix Plaza has a New Eye Doctor/Optometrist

Moss Park, Eagle Creek, Lee Vista, Saint Cloud, Kissimmee, East Orlando residence now has a new comprehensive eye care center and optical boutique. Lake Nona Eye Care is excited to announce the opening of a [...]

Back to School Eye Exams in Lake Nona & Orlando

In Lake Nona school starts early this year. For Osceola County school starts August 10, 2017 and in Orange County it starts August 14. Making an eye exam part of your child's back to school [...]

Quality Lake Nona Eye Care & Our New Office in Eagle Creek Publix Plaza!

We often take our vision for granted, protecting our eyesight with eye exams and protective eyewear is vital for a lifetime of healthy vision. Lake Nona Eye Care and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) [...]

Lake Nona Comprehensive Eye Exam, Help Your Child Succeed in School

We all want our children to do great at school. A successful education entails most of the day being filled with blackboards, tablets, books and laptops. Are our students being properly screened for vision problems [...]