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Fight Vision Impairment With a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Vision impairment affects 500,000 Florida residence. If you or a loved one is experiencing vision loss, contact Lake Nona Eye Care for a comprehensive eye exam. Low vision is becoming more common. Just imagine not [...]

Lake Nona Eye Exams, 17 Signs of Undetected Vision Problems

Due to the similarities, many undetected vision problems can be labeled as learning disabilities, misdiagnosing ADHD or ADD. Though your child's school may conduct a basic eye screening this is not a substitute for a [...]

Suffering from Headaches? Lake Nona Eye Care May Be Able To Help

Do you find yourself suffering from headaches more often than you should? Did you know undetected and uncorrected vision problems may be the source of your headaches. Eyestrain is one of the leading causes for [...]

Lake Nona Comprehensive Eye Exams for Children and Teens

Recently the American Optometric Association stated children's vision and eye problems has become a significant public health concern. They have since issued a new evidence based guideline for children's eye care. "What becomes critically important [...]

What You Can Do About Lake Nona Eye Allergies

Spring has sprung here in Orlando! With it brings a host of eye issues, including seasonal allergies. Any type of vision loss can significantly impact our quality of life. It's important to protect your eyes [...]

Lake Nona Eye Exams: What You Should Know!

Eye exams and vision issues should be a top priority or Central Florida residence. Some of our patients at Lake Nona Eye Care come to us with some important questions. Here Are The Top 4 [...]