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See the world more clearly with the freedom of contact lenses

Thanks to new technologies, more people are able to comfortably wear contacts.

At Lake Nona Eye Care we have the latest technologies for contact lens fitting.  We will ensure that your contact lenses give you the freedom and comfort to see the world more clearly.   There has never been a better time to try contact lenses for the first time, or re-consider them if you have failed with contact lenses in the past. Thanks to new designs and technologies contacts are now comfortable and affordable.  They are suitable for practically all vision correction conditions.

  • Nearsightedness (Myopia)
  • Farsightedness (Hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism
  • Bifocal Vision (Presbyopia)
  • Cosmetic Enhancement (Eye Color Change)

Specialty Contact Lenses

We are happy to announce expanded contact lens services to include scleral lenses and Synergeyes or hybrid lenses. Dr. Sandoval is experienced in fitting and evaluating contact lenses for hard to fit corneas such as in keratoconus, corneal transplants, and dry eye disease.  Specialty contact lenses are also available for patients with regular astigmatism or high prescriptions to provide optimal clarity and comfort.

Have you been told you are not a contact lens candidate? Please give us a call, we would love to help.

If you would like to enjoy the freedom of modern contact lenses, just schedule an appointment. We will assess your suitability, explain the different options available, and offer you a professional contact lens service that gives you clear and comfortable vision.

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